3 Unique Ways to Use Lighting As Wedding Decor

We are all familiar with wanting to be different from the rest and this holds especially true when it comes to weddings. As you plan your wedding and make the necessary arrangements to have the most memorable day and event for both you and your guests alike, decorating the main reception hall will be a major consideration. Here are three ways to use lighting to make your wedding unique.

Use paper globe lights for a mid-summer wedding outdoors

A lot of weddings take place outdoors and as the evening goes on, the need to have soft and subtle lighting that also serves the function of providing enough light for guests to easily get around is paramount. Hang paper globe lights in at three different sizes but in one color, to create a dazzling effect while fulfilling their required purpose at the same time.

Hang tiny white lights above your dance floor to resemble a starry night

Everyone loves those tiny while lights and the way they dance off jewelry worn by guests, making them feel glamorous. But if you want to really stand out, the best opportunity is to hang the mini white lights in a way that it appears a starry night is above them as they dance. Most guests end up spending a significant amount of time on the dance floor. To make your event even more special, don’t have the “stars” turned on until you and your partner’s first dance. The effect it will have will be truly magical.

Create a soft and warm glow using only candlelight on each table as centerpieces

A great way to take care of two tasks with one move, is to use candles to light up the entire reception area – only have them double as wedding centerpieces on each table. The warm glow of each table’s center will give your guests a nice environment to mingle, without the harsh lighting typically expected in reception halls. The added advantage is the money you will save by having one item serve both functions.

A little creativity can work wonders particularly when you don’t have a huge budget. As you welcome your guests to your wedding reception and they can’t stop exclaiming in excitement how much they love the lighting and d├ęcor, you can be happy knowing that all it really was, was a little creative inventiveness.

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