Tips to Hold a Wedding Outdoors

They look like characters right out of a fairytale when you see two people happily adjoining a lifetime companionship. However, if you are the wedding planner, all you sense is the sound of alarm ringing in your head. You just cannot stop panicking about how everything will be held. In spite of the way you feel, planning a wedding may not be as difficult as you perceive it to be. If you are arranging a wedding somewhere out, outdoor lighting will hold a lot of importance. Mainly beachside or poolside are the most preferred option. Therefore, you must give the whole aura a completely beautiful look. Elk lighting hung over a place where the couple will exchange their marital vows would be a good idea to attract the attention of guests to the couple. In all, you have a lot to do, so grab your shorthand and start making your to-do list.

• The first thing you need to think about is when you are going to hold the wedding. Of course, that is to be according to the bride and the groom. However, you are playing the second in command. Therefore, you must decide the proper season to hold an outdoor wedding so that there is no rain forecast to spoil your arrangements.

• When you think about the weather, you must also think about the food you are going to serve. If it is a little warm, have your ushers ready to serve cold drinks as soon as guests settle themselves. In a warm weather, it will be a good idea to serve cold salads containing mayonnaise.

• One of the most important tasks is to have a back up plan. What if the weather situation turned unexpectedly poor? Therefore, it is better to select an outdoor location that has an indoor location as a waiting area, just in case of such circumstances.

• Have your DJ ready. You must make sure that your sound system is audible to all. It is advisable that you call him a day earlier to have a small demo of the event. If you are holding a wedding at the beachside, you must especially take waves and the roars of the wind into account.

• When you are planning a wedding outside, you must also keep wind in your consideration. Do not use very light fabrics like chiffons in your attire because they can be hard to manage in windy conditions. Tell your hairstylist to arrange your hair according to the windy conditions.

• Visit the site of the wedding earlier. Check if the grass, flowers and the ground are all in proper order and look natural. If you do not want to rely completely on natural plants, it is better to order a few artificial plants or flowers to be placed around the whole area.

• If you are holding the wedding in slightly warm weather, it is better not to include alcohol in your party as it is dehydrating. A better idea is to present non alcoholic drinks to the guests. A mint julep or mojito will be a perfect choice for this, as mint will cool the guests in the warm weather.

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